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Cargo Trade

Cargo TradeBrisk Global Services are dedicated to the coordination of international freight transport and the application of a specialized service as a logistics operator in the coordination, facilitation and control of all operations performed on the operating process of foreign trade.

We are strategic partners to achieve effective service management wish shipments and provide our best services for the mutual benefit of foreign trade department and / or their representative to the private and public authorities at all ports service providers and border areas.

As FREIGHT CARGO AGENTS offer and provide service of international freight transport (Air, sea, land and multimodal) and containerized cargo handling projects.

We have extensive coverage of agents around the world to provide a fast and secure service offering the best rates on the market

BRISK GLOBAL SERVICES helps customers save valuable time and resources through product sourcing and cost management. We understand specific client requirements in the procurement process and apply strategic sourcing to deliver the most precise procurement service available today

We are industry leaders and provide product sourcing any size client on a global scale.

BRISK GLOBAL SERVICES works tightly integrated to your in-house procurement team to provide instant cost control feedback to your bottom line.

We provide:

  • Procurement Costs Management
  • Productivity and Performance Improvement
  • Offsite Procurement Team
  • Global Product Sourcing
  • Premiere Technical Support
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Just-in-time delivery System

BRISK GLOBAL SERVICES will push the limits to helping clients develop and execute their long-term strategic goals by minimizing risk, substantially reducing Cost of Goods, and accelerating time to market. We are committed improve profit margins and shareholder returns.