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FlexitankOur reputation for offering a high quality service and superior flexitanks has been achieved by operating Flexitanks worldwide for a decade as world flexi operators in the shipment of non-hazardous bulk liquids in Flexitanks. We can service our customer’s need completely through our :-

  • Network offices over 70 countries
  • New flexitank each load
  • User friendly operations – light and easier to handle
  • Food Grade – meeting FDA, EC standards
  • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable


A Flexitank is a collapsible bulk liquid container made from polyethylene materials. With capacities from 16000 to 24000 liters, depending on the Specific Gravity of the liquid, this modern vehicle of international bulk transportation converts a Standard 20 ft dry container into a cost effective bulk liquid container capable of carrying up to 21.5 tones of non-hazardous product.

Dedicated Equipment

Our Flexitanks are new each load. This suits the product, thereby avoiding the risk of contamination, quality of the product throughout its journey.

Product Compatibility

Your product will only be shipped in our Flexitanks after carefully analyzing the product technical specifications and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). We may also sometimes need to test a sample of the product to ensure that there is no adverse reaction with the Flexitank material. The Flexitank chosen for your product will be determined by the compatibility test results and the Specific Gravity of the product. Only then can we offer you a flexitank type and capacity suited to your product which will give you the maximum payload.


We offer technical assistance every load. The Flexitank comes fitted with a 3” male cam lock connection with valve. coupling for filling and discharging. Depending on the product viscosity, facilities available and pump specifications, loading or discharging will take from half an hour to 2 hours. Loading and discharge is done through the open right hand door of the container, while the left hand remains closed at all times. Fill and discharge handling time is reduced by up to 90% when compared to identical operations using drums.

    • Base Oils
    • Castor Oil and derivatives
    • Chlorinated Paraffin
    • Colloidal Solutions
    • Detergents
    • Disinfectants/Sterilizers
    • Dispersions
    • Drilling Mud Oil
    • Emulsions
    • Engine Oils
    • Fatty alcohols
    • Fertilizers
    • Glycerin
    • Glycols
    • Hydraulic Fluid
    • Lubricants
    • Natural Latex
    • Optical Brighteners
    • Palm kernel fatty acid
    • Plasticizers
    • Polios
    • Printing Inks
    • Process Oils

Types of Flexitanks

We can offer multi layer and various sizes of Flexitanks made from polyethylene materials. This is single use disposable Flexitanks.


Reduced Shipping Costs

The Flexitank is a one way cost system. After discharge, the flexitank can be disposed or recycled. (ISO tanks are frequently returned empty so that a one way shipment incorporates a two way cost).

Comparison with shipment in drums

In the same 20 ft container, a Flexitank will load 40% more product than is possible in drums. This represents a significant saving in freight cost.

Just in time

Parcel tank shipments require costly storage and handling facilities and tie up cash in stock. Flexitanks facilitate “just in time” purchasing and can deliver from shipper to end user directly. As volume shippers, we are also able to negotiate favourable sea freight and inland haulage rates.


Our approach is flexible – we can tailor our service to individual client needs. We can offer a total logistic package including all costs door to door, from loading at shipper’s plant right up to delivery at client plant. Or we can offer a trip lease of the Flexitank with suitable operational back-up.


Our ever increasing list of approved products can be summarized into product categories, a selection of which is given below. All Food Grade and some Industrial and Pharmaceutical quality liquids are carried in Flexitank Material that meet the most rigorous standards, including those laid down by the EC Food and Drug Administration.