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FCA – Free Carrier

FCA – Free Carrier (…named place): Free Carrier means that the seller (exporter) delivers the goods, cleared for export, to the carrier nominated by the buyer (importer) at the named place. It should be noted that the chosen place of delivery has an impact on the obligations of loading and unloading the goods at that place. If delivery occurs at the seller’s premises, the seller (exporter) is responsible for loading. If delivery occurs at any other place, the seller (exporter) is not responsible for unloading.

This term may be used irrespective of the mode of transport, including multimodal transport.

A Carrier means any person who, in a contract of carriage, undertakes to perform or to procure the performance of transport by rail, road, air, sea, inland waterway or by a combination of such modes.

If the buyer (importer) nominates a person other than a carrier to receive the goods, the seller (exporter) is deemed to have fulfilled his obligation to deliver the goods when they are delivered to that person.