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Personal Effects

Personal EffectsWe offer a reliable and cost effective solution to sending your excess baggage, personal effects or household effects home. Whether you are returning home, relocating or sending back gifts to the family we are here to help.

We are known in the African market for our expertise and regular consolidations services to Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia as well as the rest of the world.

We can also offer a B2B Mawb, which means your cargo, is directly consigned to the person or agent of your choice, saving time and handover fees of arrival.

We have built up our services based on repeat business from loyal clientele and recommendations and assure you that we will monitor and treat your belongings as if they were our own.

We can assist on packing advice, UK collection from your home or work address, UK Documentation and customs clearance on arrival.

We have a definitive packing list and prohibited items guide which is straight forward and simple that needs to be completed prior to export, we will then complete the documentation required and forward to you.

Shipping personal effects is always the aspect of moving to your holiday home that most inspires anxiety. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking forward to a skiing vacation in the Rocky Mountains or a scuba-diving adventure halfway around the world: if you find yourself worrying about your personal belongings, some of your sense of adventure is sure to be stolen.

While it’s true that shipping personal effects is a sector that’s governed by a number of industry standards, the stories of many frustrated customers are testament to the bare minimum that a number of businesses in the field offer as standard service. Imagine, then, a company that takes shipping personal effects as seriously as the consumer who places the order.

When you’re interviewing companies for shipping personal effects, remember that a superior company will offer client testimonials and a written customer service guarantee as standard practice. Moreover, the shipper should understand not only the nuts and bolts of shipping, but also recognise the customer’s emotional attachment to certain items, and his or her concerns and fears about losing them.

Other aspects relating to customer service that set an excellent shipping company apart from a mediocre one are, of course, a full shipment protection package and a high customer return rate. Customers who are satisfied with the service that they received, the quality of the packaging of their goods and the overall handling of their belongings are sure to return to the shipper for future needs-and it’s these kinds of consumer testimonial that speak the loudest.

While shipping personal effects may always be a bit of a nail-biting experience, it doesn’t have to be one that threatens to rob you of your holiday happiness. Pick the right shipping company and you-as well as your belongings-will be well on the way to a fun-filled time.